Deanna Blain

Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar - Deanna has always enjoyed music from a very young age. Growing up listening to country and western and 50’s and 60’s rock ‘n’ roll, she has been able to embrace all types of music. Having taught herself on the guitar, Deanna also plays flute, piano, mandolin, ukelele, and percussion. She enjoys singing and has participated in fundraisers, jam nites and hosted karaoke parties. Deanna's charisma, and infectious enthusiasm, turns every IN2U gig into a Party!

ron carlton

 Bass Guitar - Extraordinary Bassist Ron Carlton has performed with some of the finest bands in Southern Ontario.

Tony Priolo

Drums and Percussion - Tony is a powerful musical force. But where does that power come from? It comes from his trained skills as an artist, session player and live performer. It’s also reflected in his ability to bring musical versatility, razor sharp instincts and inspired technique to any musical outfit, whether it is rock, pop, country, reggae, blues, jazz or soul.

Born in 1973 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, he began his studies of drums at age of 8. Over the years, Tony has studied with some of the luminaries of the drum world, including highly sought after Vito Rezza. As a drummer for hire Tony has appeared with numerous bands in small clubs and venues, including performances with some up and coming solo artists. His solid rhythmic foundation is evident on multiple recordings, and his love for music can been heard in his live performances.

David Cross

Lead Vocals and Guitar - , David has played with many groups, and artists. Jeff Healey, Juno Nominee David Hutchins, Chelsea Crites, Deanna Shore, Hocus Pocus, Jack Diamond, Missi Bowman & Kindred Spirit, Lone Star Oasis, The Barncats, Judy Von, Heather Smith, A J Karmen, Paul Nathan, and others.   In addition to performing  in the US and across Canada, David appears on various recordings.

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